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THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDERS! You help support the arts when you buy from an artist run business. Everything I sell here, I use for my own work.

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PURETCH Photopolymer Etch Resist
This is the thinnest dry film photoresist available and thus the best for photo etching high resolution halftones and line work in copper and other metals. Etch silver with ferric nitrate. Exposes with a positive. The larger rolls are 24.75" wide. Pronounced purETCH, not purTECH !
Puretch Film Specs here. Processing Instructions included with film.
Puretch is also available in the US at Takach Press, in Europe at Polymetaal and in Japan at Studio Kitayama

6" x 3' Sample $12.00 + Priority S&H in US, International orders are sent via First Class mail
10'x 2' Roll $49.00 + Priority S&H domestic and international
50'x 2' $210.00 + Priority S&H domestic and international ORDER ONLINE
Puretch is also available as a 3 foot wide roll. Special order and 250' minimum required. Contact us for pricing.


PHOENIX GRAVURE Photogravure Pigment Paper (aka carbon tissue)
This tissue has slightly more contrast and is less sensitive than Dragon
Processing directions included with tissue.
2 x 8 feet $71.00 + Priority S&H

2 x 65 feet
$375.00 + Priority S&H (recommended for Intl. customers as this can ship via US Priority Mail much cheaper)
4 x 65 feet $680.00 +Priority S&H (must be sent by Fedex for International orders)


DRAGON GRAVURE Photogravure Pigment Paper
This tissue is more sensitive and slightly less contrast than Phoenix.
Processing directions included with tissue
19.5 inch x 8 feet $60.00 + S&H
19.5 inch x 65 feet (.5 x 20 meters) roll $285 + S&H
39 inch x 65 feet (1 x 20 meters) roll $480+ S&H


IZOTE Etching Inks March 2015 Izote presents lower pricing
New ink flavors! Graphite and Mars Black. These two inks are a Cape Fear special request. Izote also added a new Ultramarine Blue.
Izote handcrafted inks are unrivaled in their tonal range, pigment load and fineness. They are specifically made for the delicately etched tones of photogravure and aquatint but work well for all etching and intaglio printing processes.
300 gram can (approx 200 ml) Priced from $19 - $29. ORDER ONLINE

Squeegee Ink Card
Polyurethane squeegee blade, sold by the inch. The squeegee blades make great inking cards for etching and are gentle on the metal while holding its edge for a very long time. The material is solvent resistant. The squeegee cards conveniently stand up on the inking slab. Cutting the blade to 2" increments with a sharp mat knife is recommended. Blade is 2 inches wide. We recommend you order no less than 2 inches because you can not card with the cut edge, only the molded edges.
$1.60 per inch plus S&H


22 years ago I made my first analog aquatint screen. I am making screens again using the same technique as before but with much more refined grain quality and better resolution. Achieve a similar look to a traditional aquatint without the equipment, space or skills needed for applying a consistent dustgrain. This screen is meticulously made by hand with an exacting process and developed in a darkroom. There is nothing digital about this screen. The screen resembles very fine asphaltum dust in resolution and the grain blends smoothly when exposed at the optimum time. I have settled on a density that will work well for gravure and photopolymer which is about 80%. Custom densities are available and will cost 50% extra, please e-mail. The feedback on these screens has been quite positive. Users report good tonal range that resembles silver gelatin with a continuous natural grain that is finer than rosin. All screens are custom made so shipping can be up to 2 weeks. Dec 2014,11x14s are currently in stock!
9 x11" $75.00 + S&H, 11 x 14" $110 + S&H ORDER ONLINE

Grayscale Dye-Based Inkset for High Quality Continuous Tone Digital Negatives & Positives
as well as High Contrast Halftones & Vector transparencies for Screen Printing and Letterpress
New & Improved LIGHTFAST Dye Formula!
DYE Inks are the absolute best for transparencies. Our new formula has a lightfast rating of 7 out of 8! This means one film can now be used over and over for UV contact prints without any fading or loss of density. Cape Fear Press designed the original dye inkset in 2012 specifically for photogravure positives but the new inkset will work incredibly well for for screenprint halftones, letterpress negatives, Puretch halftones and other alternative photographic contact printing processes such as carbon, cyanotype, gum, albumen, silver gelatin, platinum-palladium etc. These inks are richly dyed and can print at UV densities as low as in excess of 3.5 using custom QTR profiles which are included. Pigment inks rarely offer the Dmax required for several alternative processes. Grayscale inks will naturally produce the smoothest and most artifact-free transparencies. Dye-based inks will ensure the highest resolution and blending for continuous tone transparencies. The dye inks will always print consistently in density and smoothly in the transitions because the tonal mixture is always in suspension and not settling in the cartridges like pigmant can. Dyes will also penetrate the transparency coating and will not scratch off as easilyas pigment. This inkset and profiles are designed specifically for the Epson 1400 and 1430. The inks can also be used in other Epson printers but you need to be skilled at building QTR ink profiles from scratch. We can assume no rensponsibility for your using non Epson inks in your printer. No problems have been reported by users.
Individual tone, 4 fl. oz. bottle $25.00 each ORDER ONLINE
Set of 6 inks: $125.00 + S&H New Inksets will ship lJanuary 2015, QTR profiles included.
Empty refillable ink cartridges are available for the Epson 1400 and 1430 on the order page $35.00 + S&H

Dust Removing Roller
This 4 inch roller safely picks up dust and grit from your aquatint screens and most digital positives. It protects your screen from damage and helps prevent pinholes, sunspots and resultant print retouching. This roller works much better than brushes or compressed air. Essential for all photo platemaking processes. Roller cleans with water or by quickly rolling it onto adhesive contact paper.

Agate Burnisher
Agate Burnishers amake great burnishers for etching and copper gravure. The smooth stone does not mar the metal like a steel burnisher and brings the metal to print with a bright white. Two tip shapes currently available: large and fine straight cone. The stone can be polished on the inside of a piece of leather (aka leather strop) with rubbing compound. Click image for detail. $35.00 and $48.00 plus S&H ORDER ONLINE

Baume & Alcohol Hydrometers
39 - 51 Baume' Hydrometer. Temperature of Standardization 60F. Sterilized glass.
Tralles-Proof Hydrometer for maintaining Alcohol solutions. Temperature of Standardization 60F. Sterilized glass
Subtract approx 5% when measuring alcohol at 70f.
$38 each plus S&H. ORDER ONLINE

Super Thin Woven 100% Wool Sizing Catcher Felts "Baby Blanket" approx 1 mm thick for smooth photogravure and aquatint prints. We recommend one of these with a slightly thicker 1/8 or 1/12 woven as a pusher. Sold by the linear foot at 56" wide.
$52 per foot plus shipping.

Stouffer 21 step guide
Establish perfect Puretch exposure times easily with the
Stouffer step guide. There are many different ways for exposing plates. There are an abundance of different exposure systems and processing techniques. The one constant is the step tablet. Use the step tablet as a benchmark for all exposures to achieve accuracy and repeatability. Click on guide image for instructions and density specifications.

Sodium Carbonate, AKA Soda Ash 1/2 Lb.
Mix 10 Grams soda ash with 1 liter of water to make Puretch Developer.
$5.00 + S&H US Orders Only

PICCO Aquatint Resin 1 or 5 Lb.
The perfect and best resin for dust grain box aquatints and heliogravure. PICCO resembles Grade A pine rosin in color and very fine asphaltum in resolution. PICCO is ideal for use with photogravure pigment paper because (unlike pine rosin) it is resistant to alcohol. Click here for use and melting tips. Always wear a tight fitting dustmask when dusting a plate with resin. MSDS
$15.00 and $49.00 S&H ORDER ONLINE

MAAS Polish
MAAS Polish is the best polish we have tried yet and outperforms Wenol, giving even more shine. Wenol gives more shine than Putz pomade which is better than commonly used Brasso. Brasso performs terribly compared to the other polishes and does little more than remove tarnish. MAAS comes in a 4oz tube.
$14.00 plus S&H ORDER ONLINE

Photogravure Tech Support and Consulting
One free tech support request is included with each roll of gravure paper. To submit a troubleshooting request please use this link. These troubleshooting consults nomally will solve the issue but additional consulting is available for $25.00 per 15 minutes for in depth coaching or troubleshooting. ORDER ONLINE

US Money orders and checks accepted via mail if you prefer, personal checks will have to clear prior to shipping. Orders will ship US Priority mail with delivery confirmation after receiving payment. Please E-mail Cape Fear Press with your order so a confirmation with a total of shipping, handling and payment mailing address can be E-mailed back to you. Please title E-mails "Puretch Order".

PURCHASE ORDERS We accept purchase orders for US and Canadian Universities. Go to the Order Page (links above) for prices with shipping in your country. Please e-mail us with the Purchase Order. Please include a telephone number in the e-mail. Orders must be paid for within 30 days of shipping or late fees will apply


• Orders may be returned un-opened for a store credit of the actual item amount listed above less shipping within 5 days of receiving. Recipient must also pay return shipping. This return/credit policy only applies to regularly in-stock retail items, not special orders listed above, tech support or contract work.
• All international customers are responsible for any CUSTOMS FEES that may occur. Contact your local customs agency for more info.
• Please inspect your product immediately upon receiving and contact us right away if your product was damaged in shipping. Damaged goods will need to be reported within 5 days to be processed for return and replacement.

All US and International orders are shipped USPS Priority mail within 2 business days. This includes insurance and tracking. International Priority is normally 7-10 business days but we can not guarantee delivery times. If you need URGENT SHIPPING, please call 910-458-4647 between 10am and 6pm Monday - Fridays, Eastern Standard Time, to arrange a USPS Express service or another carrier.

CAPE FEAR PRESS THANKS YOU FOR YOUR ORDERS! You help support the arts when you buy from an artist run business.


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Products designed by Cape Fear
Analog Aquatint Screen 1/4" detail above,

NEW & Improved with a LIGHTFAST DYE!
Grayscale Dye-Based Inks for Digital Transparencies on Epson Printers

The above set of 6 inks equals more than 10 cartridge sets for the Epson 1430!

Epson 1400/1430 Empty refillable ink cartridges also available.

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